Sun Salutations for Surya

What a year.

It’s not even half way through the first month and already, two times has death been brought closer to my reality. During the holidays my friend’s puppy almost died on me, and just recently my friend and fellow yogi Scot Schiebelbien (Surya) had to undergo an 18h surgery for a brain tumour.

Surya has always been the picture of health, with his rock hard abs, fiery spirit, huge smile and his inspiring acro yoga practice. Acro yoga is a physical practice combining acrobatics and yoga. There is nothing like the freedom and strength you experience coming into some of the poses in acro yoga. It is generally practiced with another person or in a group, so fostering trust and releasing fear are also big themes.

Needless to say it was a surprise to myself, and all of us that have known Surya of his emergency and life-threatening condition.

surya3Surya, again going against the odds is recovering and regaining function. I hope to see him soon, but am giving him a bit more space and time with family and those closest before reaching out.

The one thing I love about the yoga community is the willingness to come together and support each other. I am grateful to call both illume hot yoga and Yoga and Beyond studios where I both teach at and call home. Both of these studios are fundraising on behalf of Surya to support him during his recovery.

Last night at illume we held an hour long sun salutation practice led by both myself and the owner, Telara Renz. It was a challenging and lighthearted practice with ten others from our community. That was actually the first time I have done a continuous sun salutation practice, but there is something about moving with breath in that way. It is like after a certain point you get into a zone and it lifts your to a different level of consciousness almost. Last night also highlighted to me the importance of proper alignment when doing sun salutations, one thing that my recent training with YogaWorks has emphasized.

Yoga and Beyond is continuing to hold fundraising classes for Surya, please check the schedule for times and information. Another way to help is online through his gofundme campaign: Help Surya Fly Again.